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For more information related to ski jumping ... US Ski Team News Ski Jumping & N/C   WomensSkiJumpingUSA       USASkiJumping       (US Men’s Team). US Ski Jumping History Combined US Men’s & Women’s Newsletter by Alan Alborn              June 2013                      July  2013                    July-August 2013                              October 2013 Check our BACKGROUND page via button above.  There you’ll find some info about the sport of ski flying (it’s the term used to describe ski jumping on hills MUCH larger than Olympic size). And you’ll learn a bit about the facility itself.  We’ll be adding pages and more information to the site in the near future.  Below are links to FIS, the US men’s and women’s teams, the US Ski Association, and to a US men’s & women’s team newsletter being published by former US Ski Team competitor and three-time Olympian, Alan Alborn.
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